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Not sure if this belongs here or in the theme forum. I have tried looking around in the templates but haven't had much luck in finding any way to change this.

In 3.x it was possible to see exactly who liked a post, however in 4.x it has been replaced to just "1 person likes this" or "x member, x member and 3 others like this". Is there any way to change this back to how it was in the previous versions? 

Whether it just lists every username or lets you hover/click to see them all doesn't matter too much


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It will show you the first few names if there are only a few, then it will list the first few and x others liked...  You can click the x others and it will show you everyone who like it.

Yes that's how it used to work but that's not what I'm seeing since upgrading, all I see is "x number of people like this", there is nothing to click on to see who those people are. The only options are liking/unliking.

Below are some screenshots from my board:



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It is in the settings for each member group

Member Group --> Social --> Reputation --> Can View Who Gave Reputation

Tick box for yes or no

Awesome, thank you. I didn't notice this before and it was disabled for the admin group for some reason.

Thanks again

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@aardvarked and @Greg W I, as an administrator, cannot view them, even though I belong to secondary groups who can view them. Any solution to this?

I think I might know your problem as we had something similar.

If you go to "Members --> Staff --> Administrators" look down the list & if you see any of your administrators in there individually, delete them from there. as that seems to override other group settings.

I had one of my Admins who couldn't see reports and once I deleted them from there, it all worked ok.



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