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Thoughts on IPS CS 4


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I've recently decided to re-launch an old project, basically I wanted to give the 4.0.7 a test and I have to say I am impressed.

Everything seems smarter, however, just like previous versions I wasn't convinced and I felt before hand I would strongly dislike it. Of course with me using the forums here, I have grown used to the user side of things and I do think it's improved. I like the smart approach to the way the IPS products look and feel, so upon installing it, I was quite excited about seeing the ACP a little more in-depth.

Now I must say it seems faster, a lot faster. In fact there's a large noticeable difference between my new site and my existing community. I am unsure how much off this will be down to the fact my community had content, members but overall I am impressed.

At my finger tips it just feels largely improved, in fact I don't think Tapatalk would be required for this version. For mobile use, I find that IPS have really gone in-depth with what was lacking in previous versions. It's nice to be able to actually control what I do from a mobile browser, I know many of my existing community who would also be impressed with this but as an whole everything comes together.

Literally it feels like 3.4 to 4.0.7 is a major leap and I would like to thank all involved with the work that went into creating this.

That said, I am disappointed, however when you read this you probably feel it's unfair. I find the ACP to be simple but also confusing, naturally I will have to get used to it but simple things such as the menu order and the ability to change the tabs titles seems to be impossible to locate how to actually re-structure or even change elements such as 'pages' to 'home'. Unless I am missing the obvious, this could potentially be an awkward flaw.

I've spent the last 4 hours trying to find out how to resolve the above and I'm afraid I am stumped. In fact I posed this - Here and I am still none the wiser.

As I say, the 4th version seems to be a great piece of software.

Keep up the good work folks.

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It's been a while - good to see you. :) Thanks for your kind words and the feedback. I think once you get the feel for the ACP and make it your own, you'll grow more comfortable. Personally speaking, I use the live search for 95% of my ACP tasks. 

I've answered your other topic regarding the tabs. 

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