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Where are my CSS files?


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Good evening,

I only bought IPB4 today so excuse my lack of knowledge. I created a new theme from scratch and am slowly finding my way through the options and features. I am now looking to edit my CSS files, but when I go to the editing screen I cannot see any of these files except for custom.css. How do I go about editting the other (standard) .css files?



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The custom.css is the best way to go about editing the CSS. This way if we update any of the default CSS files they will not overwrite your customization's. 

The best route to go about editing this is using a browser inspection tool and getting the class or id names used for the specific element that you want to add your customization to. Anything added to the custom.css file will overwrite all other files so there is no need to edit them. You can of course access them as needed but please make all edits to custom.css.

Any questions please let us know!


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