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Redirect not working for /forum/ directory - rest working

Saurabh Jain

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I am having two problems

Old domain  -  http://mechanical-engineering.in

New domain http://mechanical-engg.com

Board url   http://mechanical-engg.com/forum/   (Forum directory)


IP content  and has a index page on http://mechanical-engg.com  which redirects to  http://mechanical-engg.com/index.html  ( For Google webmaster to accept domain change request one need to check   http://mechanical-engineering.in is redirected to http://mechanical-engg.com   (I disabled IP content and submitted the request)  After submission I again enabled it as IP content was showing   page could not be find error   on root ....(Problem 1)


The bigger problem...  Problem 2

After adding 301 redirect  all pages are redirecting but not the forum directory

Redirecting   mechanical-engineering.in   to mechanical-engg.com

Redirecting   mechanical-engineering.in/home   to mechanical-engg.com/home

Not Redirecting   mechanical-engineering.in/forum/   to mechanical-engg.com


How to make it for forum... directory...


Thanks in advance







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