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Liking a PM


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Has anyone gone to like a PM? And realized, "Oh, this is a PM not a post."

I have, and I just wondered if it would be a good feature. It wouldn't count as public Likes but would send a notification.

A lot of times the conversation has ended but you want to "Like" what they said instead of replying "got it, okay, cool..." whatever.

Just a thought.

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After all, a PM is a private post. Could be useful for group messages as well. Instead of a flood of replies, Likes. Could be useful when you send an idea to a group.

But also sometimes members/admins don't have time to reply or don't necessarily want to engage.

"Thanks for the message admin, I won't do that anymore."


Probably not the best suggestion. Was just a thought.


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Wouldn't such a thing be ripe for exploitation? It is a private message, 2 users could bump each other's reputation value without end without the admin or any moderators even being aware of it..

​I do like the idea of seeing what kind of PM's are out there... would be nice to see this built in instead of having a 3rd party mod installed.

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