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Subdomains for each forum

Will Munny

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I need to know what the possibilities are for setting up individual subforums on their own subdomain (in my case this will be one subdomain for each country). Is this technically straightforwards and if so, can it be achieved without a licence for each subdomain (obviously that would make the endeavour ridiculously cost prohibitive).

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I remember there were questions on a similar subject a while ago for 3.4.x, and the answer back then was that it was not possible. For each installation you'd have to buy a license, and this sounds very much like a separate install per subdomain (which I would guess requires at least the core functionality plus forums).

A slightly different approach that could work, is to set up a custom add-on, which would automatically grant access to a particular subset of forums, depending on language selected.

And thinking a bit more about this, it may even be possible to implement this by means of an obligatory package selection which is part of the registration. You'd make users select a "language" package, set up in Nexus/Commerce, free or paid, which then sets access to specific forums, by means of permissions, member groups, or both.

However, for all current users this would become rather difficult or would consume a lot of time to convert, unless groups of different language users already exist. If people have selected countries in their profile, if you have such an option, that could help, for example.

HTH, kind regards, Wim


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