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  1. Forums sites are dynamic i.e. not suitable for Cloudflare. Best you can do is set up a CDN subdomain, put your cacheable resources into that, and point it at Cloudflare. For example, serve up your images and css from http://cdn.exampleforum.com
  2. I started getting a stack of these emails since Got me scratching my head.
  3. This appears to have changed in the latest version. There now appears to be only one place to make the edit. The 'PT30M'. Is this a safe edit, are there any gotchas I may have missed?. . . /applications/core/widgets. . . /* Do we have permission? */ if ( !\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->canAccessModule( \IPS\Application\Module::get( 'core', 'online' ) ) ) { return ""; } $where = array( array( 'core_sessions.running_time>' . \IPS\DateTime::create()->sub( new \DateInterval( 'PT30M' ) )->getTimeStamp() ), array( 'core_groups.g_hide_online_list=0' ) );
  4. I need to know what the possibilities are for setting up individual subforums on their own subdomain (in my case this will be one subdomain for each country). Is this technically straightforwards and if so, can it be achieved without a licence for each subdomain (obviously that would make the endeavour ridiculously cost prohibitive).
  5. You and me both. I feel like a seven year old on Christmas Eve.
  6. I registered but can't post. My profile is Will Munny, as here. Please allow me to play.
  7. Next you'll be asking IPS to come up with interesting topics for your forum, fully localised of course.
  8. I just read this: http://barker.co.uk/cookielaw It seems to me that unless you're operating one if the top 200 sites in the UK you've got little to worry about no matter what you choose to do, and even if you are top 200, no one is being fined anyway. So, it looks like an excuse for rinky dink forum site owners to talk about lofty legal talk. I guarantee none of you visitors give a hoot. But remaining on topic, being compliant appears as straightforward as inserting a line of code to your global template (like you would with an additional meta tag). . . so I conclude IPS already provides the necessary functionality and you can all quit your Euroweeny whining.
  9. It sure finances mine, because no matter how much the unelected EU lawmakers bleat on about everyone having to comply, nobody outside the EU has to give a crap. What are they going to do to us in Singapore, throw stones? All this absurd legislation does is advantage non-EU entities. Even so, I don't think anyone has yet been prosecuted, all they've apparently done is send out letters. Farce at the expense of EU tax payers. Anecdotally, the only sites I've seen complying are British ones (BBC et al). Perversely, the British seem to do more than most EU states to comply with the blizzard of legislation that comes out of the EU. Probably why they're so sick of it. In summary, I have a fatter breakfast lunch and dinner on my table for ignoring the above and nobody is ever going to penalise us for that.
  10. ​Well I believe bad law SHOULD be disobeyed. Regarding this '5 page' topic, quod erat demonstrandum. Even the lawyers (i.e. the people most likely to profit from it) are groaning at this kind of legislative diarrhea.
  11. Honestly I couldn't give a crap and I don't think any of my users in the EU give a crap either.
  12. I looked at this a few years ago when it became an issue. I'm British, but I live in Thailand and my server is in Singapore. So, I shrugged my shoulders I decided to ignore it, and wish Europeans all the best with their schizophrenic social controls. That may not be the right attitude but I'm a closet anarchist.
  13. I think some of the more serious issues are probably related to legacy quirks with boards that started out 10+ years ago on IPB <=2.x. One of the more serious issues on my board was posts being truncated on upgrade. A simple oddly encoded apostrophe appears to have caused the upgrader to barf and just drop the remainder of many posts. I didn't expect IPS would support me with it but it seems they will by somehow using their skills to import those broken posts from an old backup of my board. I wouldn't have the skills to do that, and I imagine whoever takes that on at IPS is going to find it a frustrating endeavour. . . So I'm very grateful, and impressed, by IPS support. Very impressed indeed. . . . It's that symbiosis I mentioned in action. My board catching that error means it won't happen to others.
  14. ​This is obviously nonsense. Considering this is at RC stage I've been very happy with the diligent support I've had from IPS. Now for the lecture and I'll be candid: There is an unspoken understanding between customer and software vendor when major upgrades are underway and this is why I'm personally happy to participate in live RC testing (even Beta testing if I have the time) and that is that you find the bugs and IPS will do their best to support you in return for that i.e. it's a symbiosis. I think IPS excel in this regard. However, no one held a gun to your head and made you upgrade, and it was made clear from the outset that non-critical issues would have to wait, so basically live with it and save your keybard energy for the bug tracker, this is what you bought into by upgrading to an RC. IMO IPS4 is a big step in the right direction. It's also a vastly superior product, hence the development time.
  15. Beta version, ALPHA version, anything, use me, abuse me!!!
  16. I'm still finding my way around the new forum software. Is there a straightforward way to create a custom widget? I just want a block where I can add my own snipped of HTML and place it where I like a la the core widgets and make it available to members only.
  17. ​The thing is, having a sense of humour tends not to go hand in hand with being an intolerable pedant.
  18. ​I'm not reading anything in this topic but expressions of love for the shoutbox. 'Bring it back ASAP' = 'We love the Shoutbox'.
  19. Personally I'm happy to take the early upgrade issues on the chin. I'm of the mind that early adopters are needed, at the end of the day someone has got to find the inevitable bugs, it helps the community of customers as a whole. I've been experiencing some significant upgrade issues that lead me to believe the move to RC stage was premature and it should have stayed in Beta a while longer. Having said that, I accept what comes with being an early adopter. Everyone needs Beta/RC testers, there are just too many environment variables in the real world to reliably predict the outcome on a test server.
  20. ​This is something I'm struggling to comprehend. Why would this only be happening on my forum directory? ​
  21. Many of my users are complaining the new site is intermittently and randomly sluggish, I have noticed this myself. Compared to my 3.3 install prior to upgrade, things have noticebly slowed down. In order to test the theory, I have created a subdomain of the old site (on the same server). It's sensationally fast in comparison. My IPB 3.3 install consitently passes Google's Page Speed Insights test (i.e. always quicker than 0.2 seconds response time), whereas IPS 4.0 is consitently failing this test, sometimes as long as 1.4 seconds to respond. Now, it should be noted the server is well resourced and never under load. I'm also running fully SSD storage. Will you accept there is a speed issue? I've noticed the /forum/ directory is sending the 'close' flag on KeepAlive. Maybe this is somehow related to the responsiveness problem? The KeepAlive function is working on my server and I have verified this. I've noticed the IPS company forums are also sending the 'close' flag in the headers. Do you have any insight as to why the new forum directory might be closing the connection?
  22. I presently have a 3.3 test board running on the same server as my live IPB 4 site and there is no doubt IPB 4 is noticeably slower. 3.3 is so fast page loads are barely perceptible in comparison. I'm personally very dissapointed with this. The new board is also consitently failing Google's Page Speed insights test.
  23. I've asked this question a thousand times re: IPB 4 but nobody is willing to answer.
  24. I've noticed significantly longer server response times. Previously I was consistently getting <= 0.2 seconds. It's now between 0.3 and 0.5 seconds.
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