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rating missing in forum topic listing


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Someone else noticed this? Activating the rating system for forums shows it inside the topic (2nd picture), but not in the topic listing .. it is missing out all the functionality of the rating system if you can't compare it with other topics ..

Although in Pages it is only there when reviews are activated .. switching off the reviews and only keep the rating activated will result in the same as rating forums .. it doesn't show in listings.

So why is it " ok " for reviews to show the rating in the listing .. and why is the rating " not ok " if only the rating is activated ?











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Hello IN10TION

how do you get those stars in the forum
your first image

greeting gerard



@gerard001 those are from Pages (first picture, "Latest Articles", espresso & FPV), but you have to activate reviews, otherwise you don't get them .. even if you only activate ratings and not activate reviews, you will not get them .. That's the problem here .. they have 2 separate systems coded .. ratings does only show with reviews ..

And forums don't have reviews .. so .. no rating can be displayed in the topic listings ..


Bit strange isn't it?




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