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Are these bugs?


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Need to check with somebody so I don't spam the bug tracker. Upgraded last night, a few odd things:

1. Some attachments I cannot download as an administrator, mostly the ones that do show up as a link:



2. Some attachments that were previously added to posts now are not linked and need to be reinsterted to be clickable:


3. Formatting in some posts is lost:


4. In latest records block, seems my entries are from 1970, and those are certainly not the latest entries:


5. That may be because I obviously posted them on Content before I was born:


6. Loads of whitespace added in all articles now:



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Hello, there are some rebuild tasks that you can see the progress of in your AdminCP. Previous posts needs to be rebuilt before they can be expected to display attachments properly. 

The task is triggered by user visits or you can start a cron task on your server to take care of it automatically. You can search in your AdminCP for cron for some more information.

4 and 5 I would say are bugs. I'm not too sure on 6, depending on whether it's rebuilt yet or not.

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