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I have upgraded an unused 3.4 site to 4.8 so members of my other forum can use it to learn how it works but when I set up an admin he can not login to the admin panel. In his case he sees a different login than I do and it won't accept his details but I can log in using his details.

This is what he sees and the log in I see is different. He has cleared cookies. Any ideas? 


server1.thumb.png.bb333171824051ff771df3  server2.thumb.jpg.3a3b10ad5953db2deb2b2c

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Log in FTP
Open the folder admin

Delete files:

".htaccess and .htpasswd"



If you can login to cpanel file manager or ftp to the admin folder, you should see a .htaccess and a .htpasswd - remove them and it should remove the validation request.






I tried that and now all forums give a 404 error. :sad:

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What exactly did you delete ?

You did only delete the ht* files from *inside* the /admin directory yes ?

If you're getting a 404 it sounds like you've removed the /index.php from the forum root directory.

​I did make the mistake of deleting the .htaccess from the main directory and have put it back again. Thanks all, problem solved and the other admin can now log in. :smile:

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