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Some 4.0 Ideas for the Devs (minor)


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- The new menu system in the Content app is great, but you should add a check mark/or blank entry to add target="_blank" for URLs outside the site.  Also allow an image to be placed in there as well

- The Birthday block should have the ability to limit the number of users based on last time visited.  Someone who hasn't been around for 6 years should not be displayed.  We don't want to see their birthday appear in the block.

- Add a snippet of code in one of the ini files that prevents a user, admins or moderator, from modifying a specified user's profile.  They had this in vBulletin some years ago, and it worked great.  If I you need to modify this account, you must temporarily remove the restriction from the ini file to allow access.  This prevents a dishonest admin on your site from gaming access to your account and reading your PMs, or other sensitive information.

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