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ACP Update file download


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Was trying to update couple weeks ago from 4.0 beta 3a to latest version of beta4 and downloaded the "update" package through ACP.

First thing i noticed was when unpacking it, that there was some errors while unpacking it. Winrar told it had some files that it couldn't unpack.

Then i took a look at the package:

IPS Community Suite.zip\ips_7c10a\applications\core\extensions\core\EditorLocations\Announcement.php (from \trunk\applications\core\extensions\core\EditorLocations\Admin.php:6725) - ZIP archive, unpacked size 11 569 388 bytes

There's some files and folders that ain't in place.

Still after couple weeks i still get this when i download the update package through ACP.

There's also one more folder that looks like that and where winrar gave the error.

After that i updated my winrar and it does extract the package ok, but the package still has the same faulty structure.

"\Announcement.php (from\" isn't really optimal folder name isn't it? :) For windows systems it gives a lot of trouble when extracting them.

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