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Tabs missing


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I upgraded another 3.4.7 today.

I installed all addons (on 3.4.7 and IPS 4 (beta 4b).

Problem: The Tabs in the Menu are missing. I just get Forums and Gallery.

Apps installed fine (in ACP, everything is working fine), Permissions are ok. I am able to use the apps by directly calling them and i see them in other menus (eg. CREATE -> Blogentry), i just miss "Blogs" "Pages" "Downloads" and so on in the menubar. Any ideas?

I used the default theme in 3.4.7 and never changed something except logos and icons on that site - same for IPS4.

BTW: I added some custom menus in 3.4.7 using the menumanager of IPC... They are still there, Permssions: ALL GROUPS... But they are also missing in the menubar on the site.


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