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Upgrades not bringing across avatars


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Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue

Essentially, these are the steps I take in upgrading my 3.4.7 test site:

  • SQL and /forums copy from Prod to Dev server
  • paths and config files updated
  • license key updated with -testinstall
  • 3.4.7 test site loaded and confirmed working
  • Copy 4 beta files
  • chmod 777 to plugins folder
  • run upgrade script

But for some reason, I can never get the user avatars to display, apparently because the table entries are not being created but can't seem to work out why and support can't replicate the issue. Not sure what else I can try?

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Has the path (the upload path) been set correctly before you did the upgrade ?

Doing a 'real' upgrade it should be OK as the path would be the same but if you mirror your live board to another directory it will be different. The way to 'test' this is to use a complete functioning copy of the live board ie get 347 'alive' on the test URL and verify via Settings > General Config that the upload path is correct (check the suggestion as its right 99% of the time)

Once that's OK then do the upgrade.

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