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Advanced Forum Permissions?

annoying furry

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Hello everybody, I have a suggestion for IPB. Is there a way to add another permission option (for forums), to make it so whatever group is checked can only see their topics and reply to their topics only?

I have a form manager and when you submit the form, a topic is created in a forum, which is where everybody looks at the submitted form. It would be nice to make it so the person that submitted the forum in a specific group can only look at their topic and only reply to their topic (this user would be in a default group such as Registered Users), then admins can look at all topics and reply to all of them. Basically just another option in forum permissions. I don't think this should be a feature of the addon I have, I think this should be a default option in IPB. Since it isn't added already, I would imagine this getting denied but it's worth bringing up because I couldn't find this on Google anywhere.


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