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Feature request for IP.Board


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It looks like there is no section for IP.Board. The IPS support team suggested that I post my question on the IP.Content section while this gets resolved.

Here is my question: We just got a license for IP.Board and we set up the forum but we still have developers send questions via email to our corporate email addresses. Some of these questions are really interesting and we would like to publish them on the forum. At this point, It looks like we need to ask the developers to post the question again on the forum. Is there a way to "forward" that email from Outlook to the forum and it will show there as a new post (and ideally the message is added to that particular developer if already a member of the forum, or it shows as coming from a guest if not)? Tools like Salesforce.com allows to do this (you can publish on SalesForce an email thread you have with a customer and it shows for that particular lead in SalesForce).

I understand that this feature is currently not available on IP.Board but that would be very very useful. Appreciate any feedback from the IPS team or other customers who think this is a good idea.



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Just a idea

Amged makes a Pro contact form, with this application you can set it to Create a Topic instead of a e-mail and in the Forum area you designate for the topic to be created set it where it requires Staff approval "this makes it where no spam can go live on your forum".


Raw has a contact form also, but it never came up on the quick search. I have Raw' version and use it for e-mail contact only.

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