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Request: Data hook point when updating profile settings


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I would like to create a hook that allows administrators to choose specific user groups with permission to change their member title regardless of other settings (useful if you want to allow only administrators, moderators, or paying subscribers to do that, and preventing other users to), but I am stuck in that, because I cannot find any useful data hook point to change member settings before updating the database, so I am now building a library hook, which is to be much less reliable than it would have been if I had the chance to build a data hook.

Is there any chance to insert any data hook I could use to simplify it all, and increase compatibility with older/future versions of your software?

Thanks in advance,

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I'm about 90% sure there's actually a hook in the Marketplace to do that, :smile: ie offer custom title permission based on groups not post count.

This '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> ?

Thanks a lot to both of you, but I solved my problem in a completely different way using an Action overloader together with a Skin overloader (few lines of code in total). Probably it's not the most "elegant" solution, but it works fine, and because of its extreme simplicity I strongly believe it is compatible with almost every reasonably recent and future version. :rofl: Sorry for asking such a stupid question but this is my second hook for IPB, so things aren't very clear in my head until I manage to get 'em done. :D Nevertheless, I still believe that a hook point before in UCP would help making things elegant and easier: please, take this into account, regardless of my specific question! ;)

Of course, it might be a good idea if you could make this a default feature in IPB 4..
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