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Upgrading Kernels on Centos Help

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Hello Guys,

I recently attempted to upgrade a kernel on my vps last night when something horribly went wrong. When I restarted the vps, I couldn't access putty, so when I went thru the VNC control panel thru the host I use, apparently somehow the network within the vps got completely messed up. I cant even ping google.com... I am desperate need of help, I am not sure where to start. Please help.



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I recommend contacting your host.

Its unmanaged

Do your hosts let you load a rescue kernel so you can mount your broken system disks, look at the logs and find out what went wrong?

Mine do. :thumbs:

Yea they do i attempted to do a fsck repair and that didnt help.

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And to be more specific,

when I check the network status

Configured Devices:

lo e0

Currently active devices


So I then attempt to restart and I get this error

could not load /lib/modules/2/6/32-358.6.1.el16.x86_64/modules.dep: No such file or directory


So I checked in that file and obviously its not there. So how in the world can I get the file added back

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If you use yum your old kernel is still there, just

vi /boot/grub/grub.conf

change the kernel to boot from, it starts counting from 0 (Each Title line counts as 1) . Simply chose an older kernel and change the line




Where X is the kernel you want.

Thanks for that, I already did that. Problem is, I was missing a deb file that I couldnt resolve. Its ok, I just ran a back up and disabled upgrades

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