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I'm a huge advocate of making things quick and easy for members to find.

The moderators page currently shows all moderators, whether or not they are super (global) moderator or moderate a single board. This can cause confusion if you wish to allow users to maintain specific boards without them taking up actual moderation duties.

For example, we have 7 super moderators on our forum and several members who maintain individual boards. These members cannot moderate members nor can they edit or remove other members posts. What they can do is edit their own posts, pin and unpin topics, and close topics once they are no longer relevant.

When a member of my forum needs to find a moderator I want them to find one as quickly and easily as possible, so I want to limit the moderators page to just that group. I've done this, here, using a simple if query based on the member ID.

I would like to suggest the moderator page be configurable or filterable, so show either all moderators or just super moderators.

Not a major thing and perhaps not applicable to every forum out there, but it's certainly helped us and our users.

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