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I've just moved a self-hosted licence back to an IPS hosted service.

The service received during the switch has been superb and I was able to get transferred, including a domain switch, in a single day.

I have been caught out by the fact that there's no facility to set an e-mail. Unfortunately this means my PayPal email which was @mydomain is effectively useless and I'm struggling to work around this. (short of cancelling subscriptions and changing primary PayPal email address, which is not ideal)

I'd like to see either support for email (might be asking a lot) or at least some clear warnings that you don't provide/support an email service. If I had known in advance I would have taken steps to mitigate this in advance. (though it certainly would not have stopped me transferring back)

I'm hoping Rhett can sort me out a workaround to get me back in shape via the ticket.

As said though, the service during the transfer... superb. :thumbsup:

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