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Hidden vs. deleted post

Axel Wers

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After many years we should have finally logical solution for hidden and deleted post.

After upgrade to 3.4.5 I see some improvements but it's not still ideal.

First I am glad when I no see any trace after deleted post in topic (pink bar (tested at test board so far)). It's logical, when post is deleted, there is not any reason why we should see something after it.

When I hide posts, there is still pink bar as trace in post. Well.

First how I understand the difference between hidden and deleted post.

  • Hidden: hidden post is content which probably violates rules but needs to reviewed byt moderators. Moderators can restore post after revision. Post is still in topic, but viewed only moderators.
  • Deleted: deleted post is content which clearly violates rules or has nothing with original topic. There is not any reason why that content (or trace) should remain in topic and can be deleted.


why hidden and deleted are in the same section in MCP (MCP → Removed Content)? Logically I would expect hidden posts in MCP → Unapproved Content. And another thing, hidden posts in MCP should contain backlink to topic, where we can find original content. It's pretty hard to find hidden posts in topics via MCP.

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