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Mods Cant turn on the chat room


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I gave 4 mods access to the control panel. When I had to set up the "administrations restrictions" I made sure that they could have full access to the chat functionality (see attached image). However, when they accessed the adminCP they go to "other apps" => "chat" => "ip chat" and they try to edit any feature they get "[#1003] no_permission"

I contacted customer service and they told me that the reason for this is that i need to Grant the mods access to System Settings module permission on the "System" tab in the Admin CP restrictions.

I tried to do that but this gives the mods access to edit all the settings of the website and make major changes. The mods of my football forum are very honorable people but still allowing to change all the settings could be a problem because they will likely get confused with so many options.

In the future will it be it possible to fix this so that I do not have to grant access to the system setting module permission? All I need is to let them turn on the chat room there is no need to grant access to change all the settings just to turn on and offf the chat room.

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Yes, someone from customer support told me to post here so that you guys could see it and discuss this issue. I know that is not an easy fix but please try to consider this for the next version of IP Board because it's really hard to work with these settings. You know just to turn on and off the chat a mod should be able to do it by going to the chat tab within the adminCP. I assigned full provileges for the Chat room but on top of that I also need to set up the provileges in the way I mentioned in my first message.

One more thing that I wanted to suggest for future versions is the option to suspend users automatically when they are reported a certain amount of times. Let's say if a spammer sneaks and starts spamming the entire community we need a mod to ban him. People can report it a millon time but if there is no mod online then the person will be able to continue bothering. We can choose what member groups can report posts, it would be sick to have the option to choose the amount of "reports" needed for automatic suspension, in that way we could have a small group of trusted users (lets' say 50 users) and if two or three of them report someone the person is suspended until a mod comes online and decided what to do.

Thanks for your support, aside a few minor things that I am sure will be fixed soon this forum is terrific. We moved from Ning and brought here 4200 people and we are very happy. Great software and great customer support.

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Thanks Brandon, any update on the Chat issue (the one I mentioned on the first message)?

This is killing me because I have to be online any time our team plays so that I can open the chat room. I need this baddly, I know it's not something minor but please do not forget to pass the message to see if it can be addressed. It's the only issue I have seen here other than this the software works wonders.

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This is a central/global IPB thing unfortunately, and not something that can be changed in an individual application. It's something that will be addressed with 4.0.

No updates about this? It's killing me

As I said, it will be addressed with 4.0 :) 4.0 hasn't been released yet, but is under heavy development, and I will reconfirm that this won't be an issue in 4.0.

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