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  1. What's the place to post so that IP Board staff can see the request?
  2. Thanks for your opinion regarding this. What I still can't figure out is the reason why the software offers the time restriction to edit posts but not to delete them. We should have the option for both of them. Regarding "what mods are for" since they all work and do other things I try to set up things in a way so that they are not bothered if there is no need, in the case I am pointing out the forum users would not need to bother the mods if we could have the time restriction option because the users could delete posts themselves. At least this would drastically reduce the number of times
  3. The reason you mentioned can be fixed easily, i can set up a group of users (let's says between members and mods) and give those users the ability to flag/report. Those could be users that have a good reputaion and we know they won't engage in abusive behavior. The problem you mentioned would happen if I let the entire community use the auto flagging option.
  4. I clearly said it would be sick to have the option to choose the amount of "reports" needed for automatic suspension That means I can set it up to 5 or 6 reports then if 2 users are fighting nothing will happen because one or two reports are not enough to take down a post. Besides, if the same users are continously reporting then i can demote them to a different group of users that do not have the ability to report/flag posts. Ideally, we should be able to choose which users can report posts and how many reports are enough to suspend someone
  5. One thing that would be a great idea is the option to suspend users automatically when they are reported a certain amount of times. Let's say if a spammer sneaks and starts spamming the entire community we need a mod to ban him. People can report it a millon time but if there is no mod online then the person will be able to continue bothering. We can choose what member groups can report posts, it would be sick to have the option to choose the amount of "reports" needed for automatic suspension, in that way we could have the community reporting and suspended people until a mod comes online a
  6. I just want to let them delete their posts but with a time restriction, probably one or two days or maybe a few hours so that they do not have to ask the mods. The problem is that I can set up the feature if there is no time restriction available. Someone could delete all the posts he posted in the last 3 or 4 years this would be such a pain
  7. One of the features I need the most is the ability to set up a time limit for users to delete their posts. As of now we have the option to set up the time limit to edit posts but not delete posts. Why we can't set up the time to delete posts too? I need to let people to be able to delete posts - within a certain amount of time. The way this is set up now I can either let them delete posts or not. If I set it up so that users can delete posts then there is not time restriction - this means that once someone receives a warning he could delete all his posts. I have seen this happening in t
  8. Any news? I would like to have people having to select one image for there profile
  9. Yes!!! Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks!!! You guys kick ass - that's the only issue we have had since moving the website from Ning. Thanks!!
  10. it works great. It was my fault because at the time I bought it I did not see that it was not ready for the latest version of IP Board. Now it is. It works great. I am also using a few other hooks you created and all work great. Thanks a lot! By the way, do you think you'll create a hook that forces people to select a profile image/avatar so that the default one is not being displayed? That could be useful is a feature that is missing.
  11. I bought it a week ago but does not work. Do you have news about it?
  12. Thanks Brandon, any update on the Chat issue (the one I mentioned on the first message)? This is killing me because I have to be online any time our team plays so that I can open the chat room. I need this baddly, I know it's not something minor but please do not forget to pass the message to see if it can be addressed. It's the only issue I have seen here other than this the software works wonders.
  13. Yes, someone from customer support told me to post here so that you guys could see it and discuss this issue. I know that is not an easy fix but please try to consider this for the next version of IP Board because it's really hard to work with these settings. You know just to turn on and off the chat a mod should be able to do it by going to the chat tab within the adminCP. I assigned full provileges for the Chat room but on top of that I also need to set up the provileges in the way I mentioned in my first message. One more thing that I wanted to suggest for future versions is the opti
  14. I gave 4 mods access to the control panel. When I had to set up the "administrations restrictions" I made sure that they could have full access to the chat functionality (see attached image). However, when they accessed the adminCP they go to "other apps" => "chat" => "ip chat" and they try to edit any feature they get "[#1003] no_permission" I contacted customer service and they told me that the reason for this is that i need to Grant the mods access to System Settings module permission on the "System" tab in the Admin CP restrictions. I tried to do that but this gives the mod
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