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IPB3.1.1: How do make image uploads default to chmod 0666?


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It looks like someone uploaded a jpeg with executable code inside, and then was somehow able to get it to execute. It didn't appear to do much. My cache was corrupted, but that was it.

But it's disturbing to me that jpeg files are created with chmod 777, which is read, write, and execute for all users. jpegs don't need execute. How can I rectify this in my IPB install so this doesn't happen again?


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jpeg files are data filetypes... They don't execute anyway... They aren't handled in that manner.

You should make sure you have proper .htaccess protection in place to ensure that executable files can't be run from directories they shouldn't be running from...

You should see an option in your security center.

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You'll need to login with a customer account which has an active license, and post in the appropriate area for support, or file a ticket to Support and we'll be glad to assist you.

As this is not a Pre-Sales question, the topic will be locked.

Thank you.

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