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4.0 -> When you redo comments.....

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Please give them all the capabilities and control of posts OOB?

for example, quoting has no fallback, there is no full reply screen(there is a full edit screen though....), ignore doesn't work(OOB, with some effort it can), no multi-quote, attachments, the 'share link' is still using a browser dialogue versus the post share strip popup, and no easy way to change much of the above from a singular app level even.

Realistically, If you could enhance comments to be OOB as posts are feature/ui-wise, you could drop that into the forums.

PS. Add Revision management options to comments as well :tongue:: kill that other bird flying around ;)

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It carries a different connotation, as it is the developer Out of Box(did the code for the extension) but yes, I mean Out of Box, without per-app effort, consistency between comments and posts to the point posts are a comments extension.... as it stands at the moment the gap is very large in UI/function.

A lot of specific enhancements are present in posts that are not in comments, that should be, and are only limited to posts because of the previously forums-centric development cycle.

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