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Wish List Item: Spam Option on Moderation Front End


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InvisionBoard has a Spam Monitoring feature. That feature however does not work with "Guest" posters. Forums that allow Guest posters (i.e. individuals do not have to register) are spammed because the Captcha doesn't work well.

Invision allows the blocking of IP addresses. This is a drastic methods of blocking spammers BUT for Forums (Discussion Boards) who rely upon Guest posters or who cater to guest posters for increased post traffic and participation it is crucial given the level of spam that is now being generated onto the board.

My request is to take the block IP address ability already built into the Administrator section and bring it up to the Moderator of posts (Front end) of the Invision Board. Currently there are the following options when reviewing a post "Approve" "Delete" "Split" "Move"

I am requesting another option entitled "Spam" or "Block IP" which would block the IP address of the poster who the Moderator has deemed is a spammer.

The above could come with a warning that blocking the IP address may block legitimate posters BUT the moderator would have this option.

I believe the above would facilitate the moderation of posts and frustrate Spammers who would be unable to spam boards over and over again.

For those who believe you should just make posters register, that does not work with Discussion Boards that rely upon participation from individuals who feel better posting without registering their email etc. There are Discussion Boards that if they required registration there would be little if any participation.

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