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SQL tables for 4.0?


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I already know someone is gonna IM me to cuss me out on this but here goes.

This is more of a question than a suggestion, but I'm wondering if there are any plans to convert all the forum related tables to have a forum (or board) prefix on them. For example, posts => board_posts, topics => board_topics, etc. Since IP.Board is supposed to become an optional component and the other apps generally have the app name as part of the table names, it got me wondering if this was an upcoming change or if it would be left as-is.

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I can see that would make some sense in a way to have a prefix for each application. If this idea went ahead would the core have a core_ prefix or nothing ?

Not sure how that would effect upgrades though :unsure: , perhaps those having a prefix already but then again I guess table name length would not be a great issue.

EDIT... The only problem I could see is third party apps if they followed this and two of them shared the same prefix.

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