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Uploads Folder Organization

Ocean West

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The Uploads folder has some rudimentary organization - however it doesn't seem to be consistent.

Shouldn't all images be contained in a parent folder by "type, function, app" ?

There are "monthly_MM_YYYY" folders that are for general forum post attachments.

there is a folder for bgimages, blog, content_templates, gallery, groups, and profile

I assume 'profile' would be users photo/avatar.

However I have a LOT of un-filed images and attachments in the uploads directory mostly are avatars photos or thumbnails.

some old style #####.jpg some av-######.jpg others photo-#####.png and others thumbnails as well, shouldn't these be contained

within the profile folder?

Also all my Nexus ads & packages are loose here as well.

Perhaps a structure of folders nexus > ads, packages, referrals, products.

Also I have several images from ipContent samples and instructions PDFs

Would love to see a tool that would run thru and clean this stuff up.

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