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Share Links: Facebook Likes (and perhaps others?)


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I've started making use of the 'Share Links' feature on my forum as the proportion of my members who use Facebook and Twitter have grown.

One of the things I've noticed when a thread is "liked" is that it's the specific page of the thread that is liked, not the thread itself. This means anybody who sees the like from one of their friends and clicks the link will be taken straight to that page. In most cases, I've noticed this means they need to click Page 1 manually to read the first post so they understand the context of the replies.



I know it is possible to set the URL of the 'Like' and would like to request that either;

  1. The "Like" in future will relate to the thread and not a specific page within it
  2. The admin has the ability to choose between these behaviours, so that we're not tied to a single solution

I'm not sure how this works for the other "Share Links", having not tested them.


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