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Possibilty to move, delete, merge sections that Contains Archived Topics


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Todays i opened a ticket with this:


I want to reorganize my board, delete some sub sections, merge some sections, things like that.

The problem is that i have Archived topics all over the forum(its a great feature), but now i can't touch my forum...

It alwasy says:

What can i do?

Got this response:


I'm afraid that the only option is to restore these topics, move the forums about as needed, then re-archive them.

If you would like to see improved archive handling in a future version of IP.Board, please post in the

IP.Board Suggestions


Many thanks,


I really hope Invision will take a look into this.
Im owner of a board and i cant touch it because i made the mistake of archive more than 44 thousand topics.
Its a great feature, because my forum become faster, but the cost is to high.
Now it will take Months to unarchive everything so i can make the changes i want to do.

Im a little disapointed...
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Cannot agree more. I hit this issue today. Un-archiving hundreds of topics manually is not an option, as is un-archiving all topics then move the topics only to enable archiving once again when the move is done. I cannot delete a forum section either without un-archiving all. 3.4.0 must contain a remedy for this.

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