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Allow Open Tagging


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This might be a topic better posted in IP.Board because it's technically an expansion of the tagging system, but I'm specifically interested in applying it to Gallery...but if tagging is part of the core and this request would have to be through the core then please move this thread.

I think I might've said this one before too...basically what I would like to see is the ability for users to tag images that have already been submitted. The restrictions can be whatever, I personally have no preference and prefer free, unlimited, but that's just my situation. I think it's just nice for a user to be able to see an image and add on more tags that they think fit with that image.

Going one step further..on the topic of moderation..you already store the member_id of the tagger as well as the app. So in the case of abuse a tool that says "Delete all tags made by this member in the Gallery app" would be cool.

And like I said...this might be better fit as an expansion of the entire tagging system itself...I think there's a hook for this for threads even.

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