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need help with server hardware

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i'v been working on ipb project for my work and they want me to put it on dedicated server
so what is the best server hardware and software for server specially the OS
my boss asked me to give him the specific and he will get it for me i want to make sure it's supper fast
and secure need help in this plz.

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That's a hard question to answer, But simple in a way !

Its obvious you do not know the amount of visitors or content the server is going to have which there is nothing wrong with but what I do suggest is before you finalize the server options make sure you choose a 64bit OS, The reason I say this is if you go and get a server what is 32bit and you get to a time where your server needs more memory then you cannot upgrade where if you choose 64bit then you can.

Since your asking I can only assume you have experience with server but not the best, So to make things simple you want a good kernal and with GRsec installed which you can get from a dedicated hosting company on request, This will improve security alot.

Then go with WHM / cPanel, It's simple to use and very user friendly, I say this also as if you have an issue the monthly fee you pay for the license also comes with there free unlimited support to any issues a ticket to them will get it resolved, Assuming it's no optimization or setup.

Servers these days are cheap, You can pick up a nice i5 4x 2.66+ GHz, 16GB DDR3 memory and 2 x 1TB Raid drives for $87 a month on a 100mbit connection.

But the other thing you must take note on is where your main users will be coming from, Then you try get a server from that country for better connection, This will keep them happy :)

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