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MyISAM partial conversion

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Im courently looking for optimizations to mysql, im between moving to MariaDB and keep MyISAM or moving to innoDB some tables

Right now i have the next tables to InnoDB:
gaadmin_login_logs, gaerror_logs, gasearch_keywords, gasearch_visitors


i wonder if moving the members table would make any difference, or any other table. I dont feel confident on moving the posts table yet

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I moved users and gallery images.
Performance is visible better. Previously we have had a lot of LOCKS on members and pictures. Now those disapeard.
Somebody told me that InnoDB is slower. We have founded some benchmarks showing that read is slower on InnoDB, but when we have a huge ammount of UPDATEs and INSERTs, it's much efficient to have this table as InnoDB, because lock is on certain ROW not on whole TABLE

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