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I've got a simple feature request.

I think it'd be nice to have the ability to disable the "redirect hits" functionality on redirect forums.

Basically, when editing the redirect forum, you'd see this new "yes or no" option:

I've never really considered this functionality needed on my forums. While it may be a nice feature to some, it's more of an eyesore to me. I ended up disabling it by editing it out of my template.

(If you're curious how to do this, just find and replace these two lines in your templates boardIndexTemplate)

<li class='desc lighter'><em>{parse format_number="$forum_data['redirect_hits']"} {$this->lang->words['rd_hits']}</em></li>


<!-- <li class='desc lighter'><em>{parse format_number="$forum_data['redirect_hits']"} {$this->lang->words['rd_hits']}</em></li> -->

This will completely disable the number of redirects from being displayed on your board. If you ever want to re-enable the functionality, you can easily reverse this process.

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