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I came to a stage when I am administering around 100+ rss channels from various IP application on my IP Board. While the current rss system is ok for a small amount of rss feeds, when reaching higher number it becomes not easy to be handled. I suggest the rss system gets some uniformity so that it is easy to go through by our members and is easy to orient in.


1. I think each application should enable a separate name for the rss export channel - and the source itself. While this is enabled for forums, it is not enabled for Calendar (the Calendar name is identical with the Calendar rss channel)

2. And secondly the list of rss channels should be formatted in some logical way. At present the Calendar rss channels are sorted alphabetically which is OK, however the forums rss channels are sorted probably by their creation date.

With hundreds of rss channels the current rss list stops serving its purpose. I can imagine a completely redesigned page where rss channels could be sorted based on its mother application or in some other structured way.

I am running a project of Czech compatriots living abroad. Each country has its own forum, its own calendar, its own classifieds category..there are 190+ countries in the world.. :) Is it only my who would appreciate some progress on the RSS export system?

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