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Approval of Calendar Events


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I have been contacted by our community member, who complained that I have near missed approving of her event in the Calendar. To be honest I wasn't quite sure how the approval status works, I was hoping I would get an email notification of a content requiring approval. Instead nothing happened and as I have explored I have to be making make these 4+ clicks to approve an event of our members.

1. Click - Moderator CP
2. Click - Unapproved Content
3. Click - Events
4. Click - Open and approve

But what is more important, I cannot be doing this procedure daily and finding that there is no content waiting.. Is there any other way which in some automated way would notify me on the approved content?

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look in the marketplace there are alert hooks / plug ins available or you can use content blocks and design a whole range of things to be alerted on for your whole site thats not covered in the normal way, then you only need to check that one page for the entire site upgrade.

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