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Language files, separate admin/mod words from user words


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I would think that most non-English speaking customers really only need to translate the words presented to the forum members. Admins and mods will prefer to keep it in English.
It would then make the translation job easier if the words for admin/mods are kept separate from the words that need to be translated.

In some way it's already done, but there are still files that are a mess. Like the one I'm translating now, forums_public_forums.php.

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It is already separated. The public files are already marked as in prefix of "public_name" and admin areas marked with a prefix of "admin_name".

If you already found some places with "hard coded words" please post them in the BugTracker to fix it in the next version.

Yep, admin_==ACP public_==Frontend.
... I do not see how one could feasibly have different language packs for moderators then the GP..... itd need a revamp in the whole structure that would make it worse, not better.
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Thanks. yes, for the admin part it's ok, it's the moderator words that create the problem, they are mixed in the public files.
It would have made translation a hole lot easier, I cannot imagine there are many that prefer to use their own language for the moderating functions.

I thought the reason behind admin/public language files was that the admin part is not translated. Then the mod-words belong there, not in the public. (Public=members, not moderators)

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