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  1. Ok, thanks. Still a bad solution if you cannot keep the lists in alphabetical order. Strange that IPB hasn't addressed this a long time ago. We will certainly buy your addon if you implement this.🙂
  2. Quoting myself.. @Makoto, can you please comment on this?
  3. Does this mod support sorting closed tag lists? The current IPB release does not allow sorting so adding a new tag is impractical as it will be added to the end of the list. (I assume most use alphabetical order for the list)
  4. Ok, those words could be placed in the front section. It's a nightmare to translate as it is now.
  5. Separate front and backend would have made translation so much easier. At most forums, while the front is translated, the ACP is kept in English.
  6. I have installed the 4.2 version and I get the same problem as mentioned in earlier posts, you cannot change the date format, it reverts back to the default. I'm using IPB 4.4.10.
  7. Anyone else who are using closed tags? If so, how do you edit your list?
  8. A couple more: Let members invite, at the moment only leaders can. Apply " Increase Content Counts?" to clubs also, not only forums. (Postings in closed clubs does not contribute to the general content and should not count.)
  9. Two suggestions: Make it possible to edit the taglist like in version 3.x. Like it is now it's not possible to insert new tags, only append them. An option to let members add tags to all existing topics. (We had 60k topics when tags were added to IPB, around 50% of the current number.)
  10. We are missing: Possibility for club members to invite. As it is now, only Leaders can invite. The forum setting " Increase Content Counts? " should be available for closed clubs as postings do not contribute to the general community.
  11. I got this answer from support a year ago: The tag search doesn't use a pre-defined list since pre-defined lists can vary in application and node (i.e. one forum could have a different pre-defined list of tags to another).
  12. Very sorry about this, intention was to buy your plugin, but I obviously got lost.
  13. Ok, thanks, some misunderstanding here. You seem to talk about the language file, not the settings? I have these settings, only group who cannot bypass is "Guests" This, using language defaults, gives this message: Which is wrong. What guests need to do is to log in to see the external link. I don't want this blue area, I want only a text-string like this: You have to log in to see this link.
  14. Thanks, but I do not know where to find this "message box"?
  15. Tested now with 4.3.5, working as expected. How can I modify the notification area. I really just want a bold, blue, text saying "Link is not visible to guests"
  16. You're sure right Sergey. Tried to build a new login, copied from the one that appears working. This gets status "Not crawling". So that green mark is misleading. I tried to build logins to SMS and VB-forums, same problem there. This is such an important issue that I think IPS should investigate it further.
  17. As far as I can tell it's working on our forum. http:// is our domain (domain.com) Might not be necessary, stems from before we used https. But as long as it's working I do not dare to remove it... https:// is our forum folder (domain.com/forums)
  18. See screenshot taken while using "View word keys?" function. I want to insert text into topic_title_desc, but that is not to be found in the language file, neither in the skin. Anyone who knows how to use it?
  19. Many thanks, I see that 4.3.3 takes care of the mentioned problem by making it possible to easily distinguish between posts made by deleted members, a very good solution. A couple of suggestions: Make it an option in the FB-connect registration procedure if you want your profile/cover photo be used, with disable as default. Even if you use a nickname you will still reveal your FB-identy thorough these images. We have also changed the Display Name field descriptor from "Display Name" to "Nickname (Do not use your real name)" Assist in keeping anonymity should reduce data removal requ
  20. Got this email from Facebook (translated to English): Any advice on what to do? Deleting members with posts is not an option due to the concerns TSP is rising here.
  21. Being able to see when a user was last logged in can be very useful, but not all like the possibility that others (their boss for example) can check their forum activity in detail. I suggest changing it to something like: Last visit less than 2 days ago Last visit less than 30 days ago Last visit less than a year ago Last visit more than a year ago. Using a system like this should make the option of hiding last login unnecessary.
  22. Many thanks Adriano. As far as I can tell that's the functionality we had in 3.x. What I suggest is an automatic service who does this job in the background. If notification-mails are bouncing, and the user is not active on the forum anymore, his notification-list is cleared. To do this manually is not feasible.
  23. Thanks, yes, as long as users are active a reminder is useful, but these do not log in anymore. And the email is no longer in use.
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