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Google Site Search integration


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There's already a mod for this. But . . .

Using that mod has convinced me that Google Site Search needs to be made a part of the IP package somehow - either in core, or an official mod. The existing search is probably as good as it can be expected to be (and obviously essential where board permissions are an issue) but nowadays everyone expects search to work like Google. Telling someone they can't find what they're looking for as they're looking in the wrong content type - they'll just look at you blankly. Like it or not, Google is much more likely to turn up the results people are looking for - which is no surprise, they've got more resources and experience in search.

As I've said, I know there are issues where, eg, user profiles might not be indexed in Google - but the bulk of searches are on forums content, and the bulk of forums content is, for the bulk of sites, public. It might not be perfect, but it's a hell of a useful addition.

I know it's possible to add a Google Search box - I had one prior to installing that mod. But I'd like to see it integrated as much as possible with the site. The mod does an excellent job of that, I'm sure IPS can do an even better one (hint: results page).

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