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IP.Board 3.2.0 acp.jquery.members.js bug:

Kelsie Kerchmar

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I might be reading this code wrong, so I might be off-base here, but I think I spotted a minor bug in acp.jquery.members.js. This isn't affecting me, so I sort of don't care, but I thought you might want to know about it.

In fetchResults, line 411:

var o = $.extend( currentOptions, options );

The jQuery docs for this function state that currentOptions will be extended and also returned:

"Keep in mind that the target object (first argument) will be modified, and will also be returned from $.extend(). If, however, we want to preserve both of the original objects, we can do so by passing an empty object as the target:

var object = $.extend({}, object1, object2);"

This seems problematic because twice later in the function, there are conditions that result in currentOptions = o; If it was intended that sometimes currentOptions not be updated, which seems to be the case with the way I'm reading the code, this is a bug that results in currentOptions always being updated.

Kelsie Kerchmar

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