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File Name: Elise
File Submitter: NeoGrant
File Submitted: 14 Aug 2011
File Updated: 17 Aug 2011
File Category: Professional Skins

A New Sleek, Professional 3.2.1 skin. It allows 6 Background Changes, with the forum in parts of opacity, it displays the image behind most elements of your forum. If changeable backgrounds aren't to your taste.. then not to fear! 6 Colours of your choice can be the replacement of images, with a few css edits.

Skin Available now at $9.99

Features Includes

  • Up to 6 Background Changes with beautiful Backgrounds and Colours.
  • Custom Links (Easily Removable if not needed - Instructions enclosed on how to edit)

Download Includes
  • XML IMPORT Files
  • PNG/PSD Logo
  • Instructions on how to Import Skin and Edit Custom Links.

The Elise Skin to as much as my knowledge supports IPS Apps, if an error is found where colours don't quite match, please report it in the discussion topic. I'll release a changelog, and replacement files, named appropriately in the download "1.X.X" etc

Demo Account:

Username: Test
Password: Test


Can I just have Colours as backgrounds?
A: Yes, its editable in each style(X) found in the css editor.

Can I change the backgrounds?
A: Yes, you can simply replace the existing images or change where they are located in each style(x) found in the css editor. Added: Instructions on how to change the style changer icons, and backgrounds themselves.

This concludes my entry, I hope you enjoy the skin, any questions, I will be happy to answer them so feel free to ask. If you need any minor changes made I will do them for free, or if you need a few major changes, I can do those for a small fee a swell.

Click here to download this file
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