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IP.Calendar needs some work


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Dear IPS,

I've been with IPS since 2007 and have never regretted purchasing their products. Especially after 3.2 was released, my my all the beautiful AJAX.

Anyways, my new project is based solely on events and IP.Calendar does well for that however i do have a few issues.

When using any Calendar system, whether its a faeces open source one or a plugin for wordpress/drupal...etc. There is always always always a very good events recurring system.

With IPB we can only do weekly, monthly and yearly. I mean, if those were done, how hard would it have been to do daily? Now, i don't know too much about php, mysql...etc, but in my opinion having recur events daily shouldn't be too hard.

In addition to that, we need support for recur event every first wednesday of the month, or every 2 weeks...etc.

There is no support for that.

The problem is, even if we manually create 10 events because we can't do it daily, the users will get 10 EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS!!!

Please IPB, try and fix this!! :).

Another problem i have is Calendar support for the mobile skin.

What bothers me is if it's a paid plugin like Blog, Gallery...etc there is support for mobile skin, but for Calendar, none.

Is it because it's a free plugin?

I really need the IP.Calendar support for mobile skin so i can buy white-label mobile application plugin.

Please IPS do your magic!

- V

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True. If it was 'every' day and not just every 'week day' then you could create this by:
Creating an event.
Untick "All Day Event" (or leave it on) and specify the start time.
Tick "Specifying end date".

So you could make an event that span 3 weeks, and is on every day, but only starts at 8PM.

But yes, there is no option to repeat "weekdays" or "weekends"

I haven't tried this, but what if you create an event that spans Monday to Friday, and then repeat it every week?

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+ calendar to allow guests to post, at present even if set it does not allow this, and I would like to see the allow private calendar option added to the permissions settings, I do not think this option is required by general users.

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A calendar event that doesnt require you to specify an end date would be another basic requirement.

One of our sites has a separate (i.e. not the default) calendar for a soccer team and I want to enter player birthdays, fixtures, events etc.

The default calendar handles it fine if the member enters their birthday in their profile but if you try to create the same kind of entry for a non-member, it asks for an end date (year). Not sure i want to add what seems to be equivalent to a date of birth and a date of death!!!!!


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