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Mark Avey

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Hi folks,

I'm fairly new to IPB, so please forgive me if this FAQ (I've checked the documentation).

I'm a little confused regarding the different Member Validation Info status. I have my forum set up so that I need to approve new members. However, when I get a notification on the Control Panel home page (I'm using 3.2), it takes me to the Member Management page and I understand I need to look for the "red" ones, as they require my action.

Trouble is, I've got 12 pages of members requiring action, and all but 1 (in this case) are green, mostly with a status of "Lost Password". (There are probably so many as I imported data from a previous platform, so all members from that platform are requesting new passwords").

Do I need to take action on the "Lost Password" members? If not, how do I filter the page so I only see those requiring admin action?



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In 3.1, it was possible to filter only those "Admin Validation" (red ones). For 3.2, they took out that filter and lumped everyone together into one list.

This makes it harder for admins who validate a lot of new members.

Can't we just get that feature back?

I agree, Its a useful feature for big forums, where we see roughly 50-100 registrations each day.
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