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  1. Can I have overall count? (Members+Guests)
  2. Thanks Tom for the reply, I was referring to post by memablue- Does the current plugin show only the count of' members' viewing the forum or does the count also include guests? In other words - Does the plugin setting of selecting groups is for the 'view count' or the visibility of plugin to concerned groups?
  3. Any updates to this plugin? Guests+Members functionality would be good
  4. Does the member count include guests?
  5. Why was this removed in first place, such a useful feature
  6. Yes, I have turned them on, But I am still getting that space in all my themes including default. Adding this code in custom.css didn't change it. <li class="ipsType_break euip_Border ipsResponsive_hidePhone"> <span class="euip_Title"><i class="fa fa-user" aria-hidden="true"></i> {title}:</span> <span class="euip_Content">{content}</span> </li> <br class="ipsResponsive_hidePhone"/> <hr class="euip_Hr ipsResponsive_hidePhone">
  7. Yes Actually I don't see a change after adding the code.
  8. @TheJackal84 In mobile screen I am getting the following issue (see the space between when plugin is enabled and when disabled also the shifting of time), please see images below, I tried the custom code given to disable in mobile theme, but it is not working. please advise
  9. I think the HQ version is acually 3.0.3. Although displayed as 3.0.4, When I install the hook it shows version 3.0.3 Adriano the hook is displaying fine for me, here is the snapshot off issue I am facing (snapshot of top left of the board)
  10. I am still getting the issue on top of the theme
  11. Hi, Using 3.4.4, the button is not displayed in default theme, but is displayed in custom themes ( eg. luminous). how to implement in default theme
  12. Hi, Go to Top button is not working, using version 3.4.4 and luminous 1.0.10. Please suggest.
  13. Hi, I am getting the following thing on top of my skin, how can I avoid it from showing IPboard version 3.4.4
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