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Upgrade ticket request since 35 hours.


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This is not a criticism.
35 hours ago I asked for a 3.2.0 upgrade (request ID 751060). I wrote in the message that I already accept the disclaimer since it can save time for both of us. I got a response 11 hours after my ticket that couldn't just accept the disclaimer in such a way but had to accept his response which included the disclaimer.
If a user is requesting a ticket for upgrade let him accept or dismiss the disclaimer when he sends his massage. It's like registering on a forum and between the page where you choose your username and where you accept the rules you have to wait 10 hours.

It's now been 22 hours since my reply where I accepted the disclaimer.
How on earth to be organized?
"By completing this upgrade request, you are indicating a backup has been made to restore your software and data in the event of upgrade issues."
I did this backup when I asked for a upgrade. 35 hours ago... and that is a lot. I know you have a lot to do but please let us know.


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You can find your promised service levels based on your license here: http://www.invisionpower.com/products/board/purchase.php

While we are normally much faster than that, releases of course cause us more workload. This was also mentioned in the announcement that you should be patient for upgrade requests. Thank you.

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