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A 'New Feature' link popup


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I think it would be a useful addition if new users got a 'How to use this' popup box, or a 'new features' box depending on if it was the first time they have used the site, or if the version has been updated recently.

If they click on the link then they get directed to a tutorial page explaining how things work (The gallery springs to mind), or if updated, where things have moved too.

The box should have an X to close it once they have worked out how to use the blog/calendar/gallery.. etc..

I think this would help a lot when we update our websites to new versions, or if we are moving over a userbase to IPS products as it can be a big change for many users!

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Either a popup or a box on the right or left side (or however best it fits into the design).. maybe a different colour to make it stand out.. offering guidance on the new features. Lots of other websites already do this when they add new features so it makes sense for IPB too!

A rough example (google reader new feature notification) below...

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