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  1. Just want to say amazing mod. I've been waiting for this for a while and it's great to see something so perfectly executed. Bravo!
  2. Not to mention, if you delete one event out of the recurring, rather than get an option to remove the singular it removes the lot! This makes recurring events rather limiting...
  3. I'm using it right now.. seems ok, although if you're worried i'd wait until Tom releases an official version
  4. platform related, think it's a setting somewhere in a config file, best asked somewhere else.
  5. When you RSVP to a recurring event, it marks you as attending ALL events - this shouldn't be the case, or you should at least have an option to attend all recurring or just the singular event.
  6. Hi Tom, appreciate you must be very busy right now starting up with University again. If you could get around to providing some documentation on how to add custom social icons I would be very grateful :)
  7. Are you using the latest version of the skin? I had this issue in IE with the old version (firefox and chrome were ok though). Upgrading the latest version fixed it for me :)
  8. Tom, is update is great.. but... :tongue: The Social Media option is a nice touch, sadly though, I can't see any obvious place to add my own icons and the documentation appears to have been.. removed?
  9. - Hmm.. sorry I should have checked. You are right, it's the gallery hooks fault - nothing to do with you, sorry! - Ignore me.. looks like it's fixed. Sorry, blame it on Friday brain meltdown! Cheers for the updates Tom!
  10. -=Bugs=- Recent Gallery Images - The toggle button works.. however when you navigate to another page and then navigate back, it's toggled on again. The toggles for all other forum categories stay 'off', so it's just a problem with the gallery hook. This problem is still existent.. This is an issue if your using a mobile device with the 'full view' turned on
  11. Hi Tom, Are you thinking of releasing a final version soon with everything fixed? I'd like to upgrade but am loath to do it if there's another update coming as i've made many modifications to the skin myself (I'd have to effectively redo them on each update). Thanks for the continuing support :)
  12. The site is :- http://thenmc.org.uk/new/ Cheers
  13. Hi Tom, Couple of things :- - Has this been sorted out yet? I don't want to go through the pain of updating only to have to do it again in another few days - Changing the board width. I wanted a fixed width skin, followed the excellent documentation you provided.. "but" I'm having trouble with a pesky element. (screenshot attached) can you help?
  14. Hey Tom, very nice gesture for the peeps who've already purchased the skin! I've no idea how hard it would be for you to implement but how about pleasing everyone by adding the colour picker plugin you've been looking at recently? Just a thought ;)
  15. Just looking into this at the moment. Is there anything out there?
  16. Beta 3 smells goooood ;)

  17. Can almost smell Beta 3..

    1. .Peter


      Me too... Smells like new shoes... or Tires... or Tennis Balls. mmmmm :)

    2. ørret



    3. CDMS


      Think there will be?

  18. Either a popup or a box on the right or left side (or however best it fits into the design).. maybe a different colour to make it stand out.. offering guidance on the new features. Lots of other websites already do this when they add new features so it makes sense for IPB too! A rough example (google reader new feature notification) below...
  19. I think it's great at the top with the rest of the navigation, but agree with marklcfc, it should be at the bottom too. I still think the symbol needs a rethink.
  20. Quick Navigation - Like the placement, not so keen on the symbol, shouldn't it be more.. navigation based?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Lewis P

      Lewis P

      Instant here. Are you using IE6 or something?

    3. PSNation


      Chrome here teaking about 2/3 secs but I ain't complaining I wont use the feature but some people will

    4. TackleUnderground


      didn't even know it was there until you mentioned it.

  21. I think it would be a useful addition if new users got a 'How to use this' popup box, or a 'new features' box depending on if it was the first time they have used the site, or if the version has been updated recently. If they click on the link then they get directed to a tutorial page explaining how things work (The gallery springs to mind), or if updated, where things have moved too. The box should have an X to close it once they have worked out how to use the blog/calendar/gallery.. etc.. I think this would help a lot when we update our websites to new versions, or if we are moving o
  22. Looks like google have copied IPS's design, clean and simple hehe :D

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    2. Alex


      There's a difference between a clean and simple design over a plain design Shadow ;) Google's previous designs were simply plain, I wouldn't say they were clean though - just boring.

      This has Metro all over it, which is nice :)

    3. Shadow82x


      That is true.

    4. Shadow82x


      My only complaint is how the links are now displayed above the site description. That will take some getting used to.

  23. I wonder how many bugs IPS has squished since beta 1 :)

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    2. Rikki
    3. Ryan Ashbrook

      Ryan Ashbrook

      Another test (sorry odox :P).

    4. odox


      Mark must be cracking the whip ;)

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