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I am posting this here as it relates to all the products.

The one disappointment with 3.2 and associated products is the lack of 'local' RSS feed icons.

The current system of one long pop-up (placed in the footer) does not work efficiently for the benefit of either the users or the admin.

Here the list is taller than most screens and does not include many forums. If all the forums were added the list would be very long (200+ links on some sites once all apps and third party products are added together).

I would like to see RSS feeds as follows...

1) A single page to replace the pop-up - this could then show all RSS feeds together
2) RSS feeds show against each forum on the index & forum pages where sub-forums exist.
3) RSS feeds on each forum page
4) RSS feeds on each section (blogs, content, gallery etc.)
5) RSS feed in each user's profile so that a user could be followed on say status updates or posts.

Currently it is almost impossible to have a RSS feed for each forum as (especially on a site with many forums) the list is impossible to read and to find the correct RSS feed.

Thank you.

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I certainly agree that a 'global' RSS page would be a very nice addition - something a bit like this (though less wordy) or this.

I mostly disagree with putting RSS icons everywhere a feed is available though. This is because they're 'one-time' actions - when a user has got the RSS feed, the icon serves no further purpose. Perhaps in a subtle location on forum view and that's it. If someone decided they wanted a feed for a particular area, they would be able to make use of the complete overview page to find it.

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I always use the icon next to the url in my web browser for RSS feeds, I'm sure many others do too.

Doesn't that depend upon your browser - I do not get an icon in mine and I do not think I or many others would spot it anyway - I am looking at the forum and if there is an RSS icon against the forum title, I am inclined to take advantage if I wish.
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