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Search Could Use Some Work

• Jay •

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The search option works wonderfully for forum posts, topics, and finding members, but it seems it is lacking when it comes to other applications such as IP.Blog and Tracker.

I tried to do a search of blogs for the term "with", which is a common word. However, the search function returned 0 results, even though just clicking on the "Blogs" tab shows me a blog entry using the word.

If blogs aren't meant to be searched, then they shouldn't have an entry in the search tool. If they are, then the content should be searchable and displayed same as forum posts.

Also, the search feature seems to be spotty in the tracker. For example, a search for the word "bug" yielded 0 results, but other searches worked fine. While I can understand "quote" not being a searchable term in the forums, how are we supposed to make sure quote bugs haven't already been reported if we can't do a search for the term in the tracker? Nevermind, using quotes around "quote bug" solved that little quandary.

While I'm at it, it would be nice to be able to filter tracker search results by project and version. :smile:

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Surely these are reserved words and so will not appear in any search.

it is not the fault of the search engine.

Perhaps it might be better to show something that says 'The words bug & with have been removed from search results as they are too common' for people who do not realise this in searches.

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