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ModSec Issues

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I've been having various problems with modsec, and had to whitelist numerous rules for my forum.

I seem to have it so its not causing any problems now..apart from one rule I have whitelisted but it still gets triggered.
When a member tries to edit their profile and save it, the rule is triggered and the changes are not saved.

The whitelists have been saved to two locations by my hosting company..

I'm not sure why the whitelists have to be added to two places also..

The modsec rule is 340163 causing me probs and it is whitelisted..

Any suggestions.. :(

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Open SSH and run this cmd:

nano /usr/local/apache/conf/modsec2/whitelist.conf

go to that rule number: 340163

And at the start just comment it out by adding without the quotes: "#"

I see your previous thread and you mentioned you have WHM: You can edit that in there also, Just navigate towards WHM > Plugins > Mod Security > Edit Conf:

Then find that line / Number and remove or comment it out there, Remember to save then restart apache.

I'm not sure on your locations through, I'm pretty sure easyapache, When installing mod_sec goes to this location:


Unless the new cPanel/ WHM build has changed, I maybe wrong.
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